Tell Governor Jerry Brown: Make Higher Education FREE in California

Nothing is more vital to rebuilding a thriving economy in California -- that provides opportunity for all, not just the wealthy -- than access to affordable higher education. Our state's investment in higher education was central to building the 8th largest economy in the world, but today, our visionary higher education system -- revered by generations of Californians -- is on the brink of extinction. 
An unprecedented number of students are drowning in debt. Tuition in California has increased by 220% since 2001, and the average UC student leaves owing $20,500 in loans. Worse yet, the UC Regents recently introduced a plan to increase tuition by 28% in the next five years. 
In 1960, Governor Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, signed the “Master Plan for Higher Education” into law, which established FREE college for any student willing and able. California's public colleges and universities became the envy of the world. That all changed once Ronald Reagan took over in 1967. He used students as political punching bags and started slashing higher ed funding, which has only accelerated in the decades since. 
Join us to call on Governor Brown to stop the downward spiral, honor his father’s legacy, and articulate a renewed vision for higher education in California that embraces the principles of Master Plan.
SIGN THE PETITION and tell Governor Jerry Brown:
“As students, alumni, faculty, family members, community members, and progressive allies, we ask that you set the goal of once again making education a right, not a privilege, and ensure a more prosperous California by reinvesting in FREE public higher education. Revive the dreams of families throughout the state and make affordable and accessible higher education a priority of your administration.”


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  • Steve Schmidhauser
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  • Peter O'Brien
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