Revive California’s Vision

and the dreams of families throughout the state

Let’s reclaim affordable and accessible higher education

 The Reclaim California Higher Education coalition calls for full funding for:

▲ 70,000 more students at California Community Colleges
▲ 8,000 more students at California State University
▲ 10,000 more students at the University of California (Last year the state only provided 1/2 the funding.)

Higher education is the most effective and socially valuable driver for economic recovery and vitality.

The lack of adequate opportunity has disproportionately impacted communities of color, aggravating inequality.

California public higher education has lost 2.5 million students over the last five years. By 2030 California will have a shortage of more than 1 million bachelors’ or higher education degrees. Over the last five years, 650,000 students have been denied bachelors’ or higher degrees due to inadequate state funding. The Governor’s 2016/17 proposed budget continues to underfund public higher education.

Students who have made it into California’s higher education systems are suffocating in debt. Many have even been forced to withdraw.


The state must invest in our future. Relying on tuition increases and out-of-state students only makes it more difficult for Californians to achieve the dream of higher education.

Act now…
Sign our petition to state leaders to to restore the promise of high quality, accessible higher education for all of California’s students and families.

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    Sign the petition: Revive California’s Vision
  • Steve Schmidhauser
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  • Aryal Jardines
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    Sign the petition: Revive California’s Vision
  • Aryal Jardines
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